Amniotic fluid measurements

Amniotic fluid index (AFI)

This is used as an estimate of the amniotic fluid volume, to know if there is a normal amount of amniotic fluid or if there is not enough or too much amniotic fluid.

This is measured by ultrasound and basically is the sum of all the four single deepest pockets from each quadrant.

Note: A fluid pocket may contain fetal parts or umbilical cord loops, but these are not included in the measurement.

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Small in the womb!

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)

Is an unborn baby with impaired or restricted intrauterine growth (not growing at a normal rate).

Is suspected when fundal height has been normal for the gestational age then begins to fall behind.

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Power naps, a 60 to 90 minutes nap, regularly!

First trimester is normal to feel tired, don’t worry it will pass. Remember you are growing a little human, your body is going through so many physical and hormonal changes (hormones may have a sleep-inducing effect).

By the third trimester during pregnancy again the bathroom breaks and physical discomfort may interfere with your sleep.
You need to rest during the day to recover!

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Do you have a urine infection?

Urinary Tract infection (UTI) during pregnancy

Most common type of bacterial infection during pregnancy.

Caused by bacteria that normally lives in the colon (intestines) or the skin around the anus or vagina, where they do not cause any harm.

Infection occurs when the bacteria is present in feces and travels to the opening of the urinary tract and into the bladder (usually during intercourse, pregnant or not) attaching to the wall and growing. Once there, the bladder becomes irritated, causing pain. In a lapse of about 48hrs the symptoms become more evident, in pregnant woman UTI is usually is asymptomatic, but might become symptomatic without treatment.

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