Natural Remedies for Common Cold, Flu, Sinus Congestion or Allergies during Pregnancy

Natural Remedies that will help you feel better, and heal sooner!

Pregnant women are very susceptible to colds and some other infections, this is because the effects of hormones throughout the body.

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“Morning sickness” : Nausea and Vomiting that can occur day or night

Nausea and Vomiting AKA “Morning Sickness

Around 70 – 85% of pregnant women experience nausea and/or vomiting. It frequently occurs in the morning, but it can occur throughout the day. Nausea and vomiting are common complaints during the first trimester of pregnancy, so common, in fact, that they are presumptive signs of pregnancy.

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Is that burning sensation bothering you?


Heartburn is another common pregnancy complaint, even for women who have never had heartburn before. But it isn’t your heart that is burning, it’s your stomach!

As your baby grows, the occurrence of heartburn increases. By the end of the second trimester and extend through the third trimester the growing uterus moves and displace the stomach and the intestines upward, producing a burning sensation in the stomach near the location of the heart in the chest.

Hormones are guilty too, progesterone an important pregnancy hormone, relaxes muscles including the digestive tract and lower esophageal sphincter (LES) allowing gastric acid reflux.

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Breast engorgement “fill to excess”

What is engorgement?

Engorgement means “fill to excess“.

The breast is too full, slow flow of milk is accumulating and there is increased vascularity and congestion. However, engorgement may resolve spontaneously as supply adjusts to baby demand.

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Low back pain during pregnancy

Approximately 70% of pregnant women suffers backache, commonly in the second half of pregnancy (between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy). It is usually due to normal changes that occur in pregnancy but sometimes it is good to pay attention if it is accompanied with other signs and symptoms you need to know!

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Swollen gums during pregnancy?

Pregnancy gingivitis

Gingival inflammation or swollen gums, occurs when plaque (sticky deposit) build-up containing bacteria on teeth and produces toxins that irritate the gums because of poor dental hygiene or because the saliva is too acidic. In pregnancy is exacerbated during a period of progesterone and estrogen imbalance. These hormones cause increased vascularity of connective tissue (increased blood flow to the mouth), making the gums friable and thus contributing to gingivitis.

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