Diabetes Mellitus

Gestational Diabetes Predisposing Risk factors

Maternal age > 25
Overweight or obese mom ((BMI > 25)
Macrosomia (Previous large baby >9lbs or 4000g)
Multiple Pregnancies
A history (Previous diagnosis or family history of DM)

Types of Diabetes

Type I
AKA juvenile onset typically developing prior to adolescence.
The body doesn’t produce any insulin. Is true insulin-dependent.
Resulting from β-cell destruction, producing little to no insulin, usually lead to absolute insulin deficiency, resulting in hyperglycemia.

Type II
Usually begins over age 40.
Insulin is produced, but the cells are resistant to the insulin, requiring increasing amounts to be secreted.
Eventually, the pancreas is not able to meet the increasing demand, resulting in hyperglycemia.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Onset or first recognition during pregnancy.
The body is not able to make and use all the insulin it needs for pregnancy.
The pancreas is unable to produce adequate insulin, resulting in hyperglycemia.
~ 25 % will develop Type II diabetes

Signs and Symptoms

Remember the 3 Ps
Polyphagia (Excessive hunger)
Polydipsia (Excessive thirst)
Polyuria (Excessive, dilute urine production)
Sugar in urine (Glucosuria)

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