Fetal skull landmarks

Fontanelles and Sutures of the fetal head.


1. Anterior or Bregma Fontanelle

Is the large anterior fontanelle, formed by the meeting of the frontal, sagittal, and 2 coronal sutures.

2. Posterior or Lambda Fontanelle

Formed by the meeting of the sagittal and the 2 lambdoid sutures.

When the baby is crying, lying down in his back, or if baby is vomiting, the fontanelles may look like they are bulging (protruding), but go back to flat or slightly curved in when your baby is not crying and is in a head-up position.

Sutures of the fetal head

1. Lambdoid Suture

Is the posterior transverse suture.

2. Sagittal Suture

Is the anterior posterior suture.

3. Coronal Suture

Is the anterior transverse suture.

4. Frontal Suture

AKA Metopic suture.

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