Newborn states of consciousness

Consider these states of consciousness as way for your baby communicating with you, respond with love to your baby needs and your baby will grow and developed feeling safe and loved by you.

Sleep states

1. The Deep Sleep State

The eyes are closed, no movement under lids. Face is relaxed and have some jerky movements on body. Normal breathing. Baby is hard to wake.

2. The Light Sleep State

The eyes are closed, with some movement under lids. Face muscles may twitch, may be smiling or may be sucking. Baby’s breathing is irregular. Baby may progress to a more alert state or fall back into deep sleep.

Awake states

3. Drowsy State

The eyes may be either open or closed. Face is relaxed and have minimal motor activity. May react to source of sensory stimuli and bring your baby to an alert state. Baby will either wake up or return to sleep, you may want to wait a few minutes before interacting.

4. Quiet Alert State

The eyes have bright look and focuses on stimuli source, such as you! Minimal motor activity in relation to stimuli. May or may not be fussing, but this is a perfect time for you to bond and play with your baby!

5. Active alert

The eyes are open but have less bright look. Much motor activity, moves body and makes many facial expressions in relation to stimuli. May or may not be fussing, but may become upset in response to sounds ands sights and may enter to crying state if not cared for or picked up.

6. Crying

The eyes are either open or tight closed with upset facial expressions. Difficult to get a response to stimuli, will need to bring infant down to state 5 to begin response to stimuli or to feed baby. Remember you cannot “spoil” your baby at this age. Babies cry because is their way to communicate they want something. Make your baby trust in you and feel more secure by responding quickly to his needs.

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