Environment matters

Creating the right environment to give birth

Laboring women environment should:
1.- Be Quiet & Peaceful
2.- Be Warm
3.- Be Dark
4.- Be Private
5.- Be Intimate
6.- Have Essential oils diffuser
7.- Have snacks

Having the right environment and a supportive birth team helps the laboring woman to facilitate the childbirth process.

Soft and slow, soothing instrumental music can be used in the background makes a quiet and peaceful environment, letting the mother relax and relieve stress and stay focused. If there is people nearby, they should be encouraged to talk quietly or to go somewhere else where they can talk freely. It is better if there is no people waiting to relieve that stress to the laboring woman.

Try to keep everything warm as much as possible. Have a warm, cozy robe and socks. Cold atmospheres makes release adrenaline and this may slow labor and as long the mother is warm, adrenaline drops immediately the mother gives birth.

Keeping lighting to a minimum, helps the mother feel more relaxed. Relax in the dark with candles or just a few lights on to really set the mood.

“Sphincter Law” by Ina May Gaskin describes the following:
– Sphincter muscles of both anus & vagina do not respond on command.
– Sphincter muscles open more easily in a comfortable intimate atmosphere where a woman feels safe.
– The muscles are more likely to open if the woman feels positive about herself; where she feels inspired and enjoys the birth process.
– Sphincter muscles may suddenly close even if they have already dilated, if the woman feels threatened in any way.

You have to have essential oils for labor! We encourage the mother to use a diffuser to help her relax. If she uses the essential oils during pregnancy, she will know which one provides her more comfort and she should use those to help her feel comfortable.

Eat and drink to get that oxytocin going! Make a nice basket of goodies, put your favorite healthy snacks like grapes or apples or a whole grain toast with nut butter next to a jar of water or labor-aide.

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