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Hi! My name is Elsy Aguerrevere. I am a Medical Doctor (IMG), passionate about midwifery and I am a mom!

I created Pink or Blue Care because I want to share my knowledge with all of you! I like to make drawings now and then because I think its an easier way to understand.

My belief is that parents to be, especially moms to be, if they are informed, educated and supported, they can have the most wonderful experience in their childbirth and bring healthy, emotionally secure, creative and capable human beings into the world.

Let me share more about myself.

I have two wonderful kids, Diego and Alicia, yes like the cartoons Go Diego Go, but they were named Diego and Alicia for different reasons.

My husband, Daniel. The smartest person I know, he is such a loving dad and a really good husband.

I am so grateful with God for the family he gave me.

I really hope you can learn and enjoy this blog!

Peace and love,

Elsy Aguerrevere

Clinical exhaustion


Is when ketones are found in urine.

↑ Heart Rate (pulse)

Heart rate should stay within 10 to 15 points of the normal range, higher is indicative of tachycardia

↑ Temperature

Temperature is slightly elevated throughout labor, to be considered normal, this elevation should not exceed 1 to 2°F (0.5 to 1°C) higher is indicative of hyperthermia