Eye contact “Connection between You and your Baby”

Just after birth, a baby sees only in black and white, with shades of gray. Around three months old, the baby will be able to see colors more clearly. Newborns cannot see very far, and can focus on things less than 25 cm (9.8 in) on an average of 20 – 38 cm (8 – 15 in) away. This is the distance between him and your face and eyes. Newborns usually fall asleep very quickly or squeeze their eyes tight shut while they nurse. Babies as they grow older (around 4 months or so), they establish a better eye contact with you.

4 Reasons to make Eye Contact with your Baby

1 > Breastfeeding
You breast milk gives the perfect nutrition to your baby which only you can provide and the cost savings is a plus. You can make the food that is uniquely perfect for your little one. Investing the time in yourself and your baby, making your eyes look at your baby more often, will create a special bond that will last a lifetime.

2 >> Emotional Connection
Eye contact is very important, this is when your eyes and your baby eyes happen to meet, establishing an emotional connection. Our conscious makes us spend more time looking at things we are attracted. Your baby first love, it you! Baby is attracted to you and that is why your little one will spend more than half of his time looking at you. They don’t realize that they’re looking at you as long as they are, they just want to see you.

3 >>> Communicate and Share
When a baby sees something interesting or something they really like, they want to let you know with his gaze. They will use the gaze to point, just as an adult use his finger. The baby point with his gaze what he wants you to see, for example a moving toy with music, he watches the toy and then he turns to you to catch your eye and looks at the toy again. He will do this several times until you see the toy. Baby will do this in a way to communicating with you.

4 >>>> Pure Joy
Mother and baby who makes eye contact, smile and smile more often and gives you joy and lots of joy and then the reward is, a baby that never stop smiling too, they just keep smiling, they become happy babies and happy adults!

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