A pregnancy test  detects the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine, this hormone is produced when you are pregnant.

They are super accurate when you use them correctly! Urine pregnancy test have a 99% accuracy, only a blood test can give 100% accuracy since it measures the actual amount of HCG in your blood.

Health centers that provide free pregnancy test are:

They provide urine pregnancy tests or they can draw blood for a pregnancy test if it’s medically needed. If you are pregnant they will provide you resources to help you obtain prenatal care.

Crisis pregnancy centers

They may use names like: Crisis Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Counseling Center, Pregnancy Care Center, Pregnancy Aid, or Pregnancy Resource Center.

Local Health Department

Many a local health department offer family planning services, this typically includes a free pregnancy test for those who cannot afford to pay.

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