Amniotic membrane stripping

Membrane/cervical stripping or sweeping the membranes

– Is a gentle and natural procedure with the purpose to separate the amniotic membranes from the uterine walls.
– Considered safe in many studies.
– Decrease incidence of post-term pregnancy


Labor induction for vaginal delivery if pregnancy is prolonged

  • Primigravida: during the 40th week
  • Multipara: during the 41th week


– With a gloved hand
– The cervical effacement, dilatation of the cervix is determined
– The position of the baby is identified
– With a favorable cervix (effaced and dilated), the index finger is extended as far as possible through the internal os of the cervix, making an slowly rotation or gentle sweeping with the finger separating between the lower uterine segment and the membranes.

How many hours would be sufficient to stimulate onset of regular contractions?

within 72 hours

Mechanism of action

Stimulates the release of prostaglandins (PGE) into maternal circulation, promoting the onset of natural labor.

Is it safe?

Safe if done appropriately

For how long shortens the gestational period?

By an average of 2 to 5 days


  • Cervicitis
  • Low lying or placenta previa
  • Unknown lie
  • Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding

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