Woman’s Reproductive System

A woman’s reproductive system includes:
– The vagina
– The uterus
– Two uterine tubes
– Two ovaries

The vagina

  • Is sexual passage of the female from the vulva to the uterus
  • Measures approx: 7 cm (3 inch) anterior and 10 cm (4 inch) posterior and 2 cm (<1 inch) in diameter
  • During sex it stretches several inches longer and many inches wider
  • The inner surface is folded to provide greater elasticity and to increase friction during sex
  • Produce watery secretions to lubricate
  • Have an acidic pH <4.5 to prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast

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The Uterus, AKA womb or the house of the baby during pregnancy

  • Is a pear-shaped organ
  • The size of a closed fist
  • Very distensible organ (can expand to the size of a full term baby!)

Parts of the uterus:


  • Connects the uterus to the vagina
  • Acts as a sphincter muscle to control flow of fluids


  • Acts as a sphincter muscle to control flow of fluids
  • External os is proximal to the vagina
  • Internal os is proximal to the uterine cavity

Uterine body

  • Wider area of the uterus
  • Superior to the cervix
  • Is where implantation occurs
  • Has thicker walls to protect and support the growing baby
  • The 2 uterine tubes extend from the corners of the fundus in the superior area of the uterus is where

Two uterine tubes (previously called fallopian tubes)

  • Are long narrow tubes connecting the ovaries to the uterus
  • Measures approx: 10 cm (4 inch)
  • Support ligaments: broad and suspensory
  • Produce slow, steady contractions in response to hormones, and ready to pick up the released egg into the infundibulum and carry it towards the uterus

Parts of each uterine tube:

  1. Isthmus
  2. Fertilized eggs normally attach and develop
  3. Ampulla
  4. Where implantation takes place
  5. Infundibulum (funnel-shaped)
  6. At the end has fimbriae (finger-like projections) that to reach the surface of the ovary

Two Ovaries

  • 2 tiny glands/gonads (Almond-sized)
  • Responsible for the production of eggs and hormones that control reproduction
  • Each ovary contains from 200,000 to 400,000 follicles

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